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Expert SEO Services | Consulting | iMarketing Advertising | Madison, WI
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Search Engine Optimization Improves

Website Traffic for Madison Companies


iMarketing Advertising SEO Services

In the past, websites often generated traffic even though the site might not have contained quality content. Those days are gone. Today, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use complex algorithms to rank sites, meaning stagnant or poorly constructed sites no longer find their way onto the search engines’ all-important first pages. Madison’s business owners are quickly realizing that, to garner a share of the market, their websites need to be constructed in a way that takes advantage of those algorithms rather than suffering because of them. We at iMarketing Advertising understand SEO and just how vital it is to your website’s success.


SEO directs traffic to your site using several strategies tailored to the specific needs of your company. In other words, we don’t believe that what works for one organization is the best solution for another. While some strategies may be similar in nature, each company website gets the unique care needed to get them the search engine results pages (SERPS) necessary to increase traffic and, especially, sales. The local search engine optimization companies all claim to generate additional leads for their clients, but not all are as successful at generating organic results, which clients do not pay additional fees for. Our strategies are designed to generate organic results our Madison area clients can quickly turn to profits.


How do we do what other local search engine optimization companies don’t? We focus not only on maximizing organic search results but also combining traditional SEO with other contemporary strategies like social media marketing, which is rapidly proving to be invaluable to our Madison area clients. Our strategies also include more traditional approaches including press releases, videos, and articles to further enhance your site’s credibility and market penetration.


At iMarketing Advertising, we emphasize white hat SEO, which focuses on using only the most respected methods for enhancing your site traffic. By doing so, the odds of our clients running afoul of Google’s well-known penalties for less-than-ethical practices are minimized. We believe your integrity is an important business asset, and our services are designed to make sure your organization is always presented in the best light. Check out some of the projects we’ve worked on and contact us today to get started on moving your website to the next level using the latest Search Engine Optimization strategies.


Small businesses in Madison are depending their websites to attract more local customers. SEO is critical to that effort. Mobile devices have added another layer of complexity to website design. At iMarketing Advertising, we understand how to make your website direct potential customers to your business. Call 608-977-1540 to schedule your FREE consultation today!



Local Search Matters for Small Businesses



iMarketing Advertising realizes that local search is critically important and knows how to implement it on your website. Consumers use their phones to research products and companies as never before. Businesses need to be sure that their websites are optimized for mobile users.


Has your website been optimized for mobile users? Does it load quickly? Can information be easily found? Here are a few quick facts to point up the importance of local SEO and mobile searches.


Customers Use Local Ads


Smartphone users want customized local ads. Over 60% want ads customized to a city and ZIP code or localized to their current location. If the address or phone number is clearly shown in the ad, 61% will use it. Getting directions from their smartphones is regularly used by 68% of consumers.


Mobile Searchers are Ready to Buy


After conducting a local search on their smartphone, 50% of those consumers visited a store within 24 hours, vs. 34% who searched on computer or tablet. This reflects the importance of the website’s page one ranking in getting those customers to walk through the door. iMarketing Advertising uses a variety of SEO techniques to make that happen.

Not everyone who visits a store buys, but 18% of these local searches result in a sale within one day


Online Reviews are Trusted


Not all local search engine optimization companies are alike. At iMarketing Advertising, we use only the most ethical techniques to achieve the ranking your business needs. Some search engine optimization companies will make promises, but never follow through. We are dedicated to ensuring that your website achieves your goals and we know how to accomplish that. Call 608-977-1540 to schedule your FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation today!

Don't fall behind the times.