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Content Marketing that makes your customer’s neuron receptors fire, compels them to click and, if you’re lucky, opens up their wallet.

A Business-Building Technique That Every
Business Owner Needs to Understand

Every company needs to decide early on to be proactive about continuously exposing their company to more audiences, learning as much possible about their average customers, and staying updated on what the competition is doing to get ahead. Content marketing is a strong and effective way for startups and small/medium businesses to get noticed in Search Engine Results Page’s (SERP’s). Business owners who fail to promote themselves will find it hard to draw the attention they need to continue increasing sales. Despite what some e-books and websites might try to make people believe, making money online is not fast or easy, but requires a real plan and proven techniques.

What is content marketing?


This type of marketing is an advertising method that uses actual website content to encourage target customers to a company and its products. Rather than creating an advertisement for a product or service, they will use informative articles that relate to the business, which is referred to as an effective content marketing strategy. For example, a company that sells almonds may publish blog articles that discuss the health benefits of nuts, put a daily recipe on their social media account, and create a free download for an e-book that describes unique ways to use almonds around the home.


Why is this marketing relevant to an SEO or SERP?


SEO techniques are designed to get websites more traffic by increasing their ranking on a search engine. By having a higher ranking on a SERP, the company is more likely to be displayed at the top of a keyword search that relates to that page. Good content makes it easy to include specific keywords into the articles, blogs or illustrations, or whatever may be used for marketing purposes. When the content is updated frequently, is interesting, and contains the right level of keyword usage without being too obvious, search engine crawlers will realize it is genuine content and something its site visitors may want to see.


What is the return or value in content marketing?


There are so many variables in this type of marketing, it is difficult to give any actual percentages or numbers related to the return for this investment. How expertly it is handled, if the correct keywords are used, and even the performance of the company itself will play a role in how far a campaign is able to take a company. Just like any type of advertising, it has to be done correctly to get the desired results. Content that converts to sales will obviously provide the best ROI, so seeking a marketing agency that is able to provide that service is a necessity.


How do businesses create a content marketing strategy?


It is important to understand who the customer base is that will support the business and aim the content at them. For example, if the business is popular with teens and young adults, it is wasteful to spend time posting content about life after retirement or caring for grandchildren. Competitive Content is also used to encourage business away from competitors. It is important to know who the competition is and find out what keywords and content are working for them. By using these same keywords and providing better content, it is possible to boost a company above the competition in search engines. Since the links to companies listed first in search engine results are statistically the ones most likely to be clicked on, every company must do what it takes to move to the top of these searches.


Content Marketing Services combined with SEO generally provides their clients with a variety of ideas about how each company can use content to their advantage. Many will even provide the content for their clients. A top service arranges for their clients to have original and unique podcasts, videos, and much more that would have been impossible for the company to create on their own. It makes businesses look more established, more professional, and can even make a sole-proprietorship or small companies appear larger.


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